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Accessible Playground Equipment

Our accessible playground structures and inclusive playgrounds are designed to make play accessible and enjoyable all abilities, ages and stages. Ask us about inclusive and accessible playgrounds that meet Annex H/ADA guidelines or are custom-designed to meet your special needs. Browse our pre-configured accessible playground designs or contact us today to get your inclusive playground design project started!

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Accessible Playground Equipment Designs

Accessible play equipment refers to play structures and amenities specifically designed to be usable by children with disabilities – including those who use wheelchairs. Accessible playgrounds are characterized by features such as ramps instead of stairs, tactile elements for sensory stimulation, wide pathways, and lowered play components that are easily reached from a seated position. The goal is to create an inclusive play environment where children of all abilities can play together safely and enjoyably.

Inclusive Playground Equipment

Truly inclusive playground equipment means designing spaces that honor and accommodate the diversity of all children, ensuring access and engagement for those with different physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities, and creating a welcoming environment that supports the full spectrum of individual needs and experiences. In other words, "inclusive" means there is a piece of playground equipment for children of all abilities – and even something for those who prefer to play individually rather than as part of a group. Inclusive and accessible playgrounds promote social integration, enhance physical accessibility, and foster a sense of community and belonging among children of all abilities.