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Canmore Lions Inclusive Playground

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The Canmore Lions inclusive playground delivers fun and rewarding play experience for all abilities, ages and stages. From the wheelchair-accessible spinner and ground-level play elements through to the ramped main play structure and the calm zone, this multi-faceted playground incorporates a vibrant diversity of playground equipment so that all children can enjoy exploring, spinning, swinging, climbing or just hanging out with friends.

Model Number
Area Required
37.1m x 17.8m (122’ x 59’)
Age Range
18 mos - 12 yrs
Inclusive Design
enables diverse ages and abilities to play together
Accessibility/Annex H
Annex H compliant, wheelchair playable
Colour Options
available in various colour schemes
Format Shown
Design services are included! Ask us to modify this design to meet your preferences and needs for space, layout, components, slide type (plastic or steel), colour scheme, etc. Designs shown are subject to change without notice.

3D Tour

Canmore Lions Inclusive Playground

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