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Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

This unique project was undertaken by Manitoba Parks and was the second time we had the pleasure of creating a play structure for this scenic park. Manitoba Parks along with the landscape architect, were looking to create an accessible, nature-inspired design that reflected local culture and history. As there was once a train called the Moonlight Special that stopped here, the client opted to include our locomotive into the design complete with custom wording. In addition, the high platform with the black hex roof pays homage to the community’s water tower, a popular local landmark. A wheelchair ramp leading to the Tippy Canoe creates inclusive play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. With decks and climbers leading to higher platforms, there is loads of fun for diverse skill levels. Evergreen, pelican and squirrel post-toppers add to the natural aesthetics of this multi-faceted design. A great addition to this beautiful spot!

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