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Roofs & Toppers

Whether you want to provide shade and shelter, enhance a theme or simply add a stylish accent to your playground, our extensive selection of roofs and toppers will help you top off the fun with something special.

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Pelican Topper
Dragon Topper
Palm Tree Topper
Swirl Topper
Owl Topper
Squirrel Topper
Evergreen Topper
Butterfly Topper
Rootz Slant Roof
Rootz Ridge Roof
Rootz Hex Hip Roof
Rootz Treehouse Roof
Scalloped Roof
Slant Roof with Slots
Slant Roof
placeholder image
Arch Roof
Peak Roof
placeholder image
Floating Roof - Tri
Floating Roof - Square
Maple Leaf Roof
Spectrum Roof
Sunburst Roof
Hex Roof
placeholder image
Pagoda Roof